Print Media Coverage

Below are just a few of the print media outlets which covered Fundamentalists Anonymous and Richard Yao.

The coverage was overwhelmingly positive and favorable.  Richard Yao got on the rolodex of many important journalists and was often asked for comments when the Religious Right, TV evangelists and Fundamentalism came up.  Yao was always ready with incisive, unique and quotable comments.

When Yao founded Fundamentalists Anonymous, he tried to retain a prominent progressive p.r. firm. Unable to afford their their $5,000 a month retainer fee (in the mid-eighties) which they cautioned would get only minor media, Richard Yao had no choice but to also become F.A.’s inhouse p.r. man.  He quickly mastered the art of p.r. as shown by the fact that he won F.A., its mission and issues, countless millions of dollars of “free” (earned) publicity.

Because of his track record, Richard Yao had received unsolicited offers from major nonprofits and top p.r. and advertising agencies.

Below is the partial, very incomplete list of F.A. print media coverage.

  • New York Times
  • The Economist
  • Washington Post
  • Newsweek
  • Chicago Tribune
  • Andy Warhol’s Interview
  • Wall Street Journal
  • USA Today
  • Newsday
  • Dallas Times-Herald
  • San Francisco Chronicle
  • Village Voice
  • Rocky Mountain News
  • Christian Science Monitor
  • Reuters
  • Christian Century
  • Christianity in Crisis
  • Christianity Today
  • Liz Smith
  • Associated Press (AP) and other major wire services

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