• F.A. achieved a mark of distinction by replacing the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) as the Rev. Jerry Falwell’s designated Enemy Number One. — The Economist
  • Among the nation’s most rapidly growing groups is Fundamentalists Anonymous (FA)…with over 50,000 members.–New York Times
  • The fact that Fundamentalists Anonymous and Richard Yao are here (at this congressional hearing) today has sent shock waves through the world of TV evangelism. — Jerry Falwell before House Ways & Means Subcommittee on Oversight
  • FA founder Richard Yao is a modern-day David battling Goliaths like Jerry Falwell.  And you know what?  David prevailed over Goliath in the end. — Paul Moore, legendary Episcopal Bishop of New York
  • Fundamentalists Anonymous has become the most distinctive and powerful witness against the excesses and dangers of the militant Fundamentalist movement. — Dr. Rev. Ruth Tiffany-Barnhouse, M.D., Prof. of Psychiatry, Southern Methodist University, Dallas, TX
  • (F.A. & Richard Yao) might play a vital role in America’s struggle to define its spiritual and political future. — The Village Voice
  • F.A. is now one of the fastest-growing self-help organizations in America — and it’s beginning to grow internationally. —  The London Observer
  • I’ve been a practicing psychiatrist in the Bible Belt for 25 years and I’ve seen an increasing number of people who are suffering.  The F.A. support system may be the only way to survive a Fundamentalist past. — Dr. Richard Childs, M.D., Kansas City, Missouri
  • The nemesis of Jerry Falwell, the nightmare of the Religious Right, Ladies and Gentlemen, Richard Yao! —Frank Zappa


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