F.A. on Oprah

Richard Yao and Fundamentalists Anonymous were on Oprah!

The show was a big hit in the ratings.  Oprah put it the F.A. show on during the Sweeps Week and it helped Oprah beat “Donahue” in the ratings race.

Yao and F.A. were featured twice at least on “Donahue.”  In fact, Phil Donahue’s show can claim to have “discovered” Fundamentalists Anonymous.

Yao and F.A. members also appeared on “Sally” and “Geraldo” and many other national, regional or local TV and radio talk shows or news programs.

Yao and the F.A. shows always received big ratings.  They always got a flood of phone calls and letters from people hurt by fundamentalist religions who needed help in getting out of the fold of toxic religion.

For a couple of years, a beacon of light and hope shined throughout the U.S. and around the world.  On many of those shows, Yao always told the viewers “There is a way out!  There is life after Fundamentalism!”


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